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Until the end of March, they will accept nominations for the winner of the award “Acad. Ananie Yavashov

From March 15 to 31, the Regional History Museum in Razgrad will accept proposals for the winner of the tenth prize in the name of Acad. Ananie Yavashov.

This is in accordance with Art. 11 of the Regulations for the symbols, honorary titles, awards and memorials of the Municipality of Razgrad.

According to the statute of the award, institutions, organizations and citizens can make their motivated written proposals. The award is for individuals who have achieved high results in the field of research, preservation, preservation and promotion of the historical heritage of Razgrad and the region.

The proposals will be accepted in the office of the Regional History Museum / 70 “Aprilsko vastanie” Blvd. / on working days from 08.30 to 17.00.

For additional information tel .: 0878 / 901-431.

The status of the award, the way of nomination and the procedure until the determination of the winner of the award in the name of Acad. Ananie Yavashov can be seen HERE.

The prize is awarded once every four years on May 18 – International Museum Day.