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It is located in “Abritus” Archaeological Reserve, at 70 “Aprilsko Vastanie” Boul. The Interactive museum of Abritus was established in 2014, under the project “Abritus: Mystics and Reality” – OPRD 2007-2013, employed by the Municipality of Razgrad.

The museum comprises of twelve separate theme halls, which unveil the history and different stages in research of the Early and the Late Antiquity city of Abritus. The visitors can receive information on the archaeologists’ job, as well as watch films about interesting events, important discoveries and different artifacts, connected to life in Abritus during its early and late centuries. If you are a guest of the museum, you will have the opportunity to cut a coin, take pictures of yourself dressed in ancient clothes, put together Roman mosaics. Through entertaining games, you will get to know the lifestyle and traditions of the citizens of ancient Abritus.


Hall 1 – History, discoverers and research of the Early and the Late Antiquity city of Abritus

Hall 2 – Laboratory – discovered in Abritus

Hall 3 – Hall of coins and Roman market

Hall 4 – Temporary Expositions hall

Hall 5 – Abritus for the little ones/ Children and Abritus

Hall 6 – Abritus in the Roman world / ABRITUS in pax Romana

Hall 7 – Cities in the Roman world

Hall 8 – Fashion of Abritus / Beauty and the citizens of Abritus

Hall 9 – Life in Abritus / Everyday life in Abritus

Hall 10 – Emperor Trajan Decius’ last battle

Hall 11 – Curious facts / Did you know that…?

Hall 12 – Multifunctional hall / Conference hall