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Guests from Wittenberg fascinated by Abritus and the expositions in the museum

The program of the guests from Razgrad’s sister city of Wittenberge at the Yoghurt Fair and the Festival of Folk Traditions and Crafts included a visit to the sites of the Regional History Museum.

The Director of RHM – Razgrad Tanya Todorova and her colleagues welcomed the delegation, led by the Chairman of the Culture Committee of the Wittenberge City Council, Uwe Flaaker, who was accompanied by his wife, the director of the Steller Marcel History Museum, and the director of the local library, Caroline Renkewitz. With them was the chief expert “Culture, religious and youth activities” in Razgrad Municipality Tsvetana Benonova. During the three-hour visit, the hosts told about and showed the extremely rich material historical heritage stored in the museum’s funds. Guests explored and were fascinated by the ancient Abritus, the museum’s permanent archaeological exhibit and modern ways of presenting history in the halls of the interactive museum.

During the conversations between the hosts and the members of the delegation, the idea was born that next year they would be in Razgrad again and take part in the next historical festival “Abritus – mysticism and reality”, and after coordination with the municipal administrations of Razgrad and Wittenberge in the two twin cities to be organized on an exchange basis visiting historical exhibitions.