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Twenty children participated in the first of three weeks of this year’s /third in a row/ Regional History Museum’s summer educational program “Adventures in Abritus”.

On parting today, they received a gift – a hat with the museum’s logo and a certificate of participation, personally presented to them by the director Tanya Todorova. Even better, in the form of ancient sports and board games, listening to talks, watching movies, doing workshops, they got to know the lifestyle, customs, beliefs, lifestyle of the ancient Romans and their peers of that time . Guided and cared for by the museum educator Hristo Hristov, the archaeologist Silvia Anastasova, the designer Mihail Marinov, the animator Melissa Mustjebova and the volunteer twins Ana and Nikol Ivanovi – students at the PFLHS “Exarch Yosif”, since Monday they were transported as if by a time machine into the past and today they left for home enriched with many unforgettable memories, knowledge and new friendships. They also know the preserved artifacts from our material cultural and historical heritage in the archaeological expositions.

The program continues for the next two weeks. There was now a boy from Varna in the group – on a visit to his grandparents in Razgrad, and several children, who have been involved in the group since its first day, will participate in the activities until the end.

See more photos on the Facebook page of the Regional History Museum: