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For the second year, the Regional History Museum in Razgrad organizes the educational program for children “A day in Abritus”, which includes talks, films, workshops, ancient sports and board games, organizing and visiting a market, a defile with antique clothing, archaeological excavations….

The activities are on the territory of the “Abritus” Archaeological Reserve, they started today and will continue for three weeks – until July 21.

Today, 18 children from first to fifth grade entered Abritus. The director of the museum, Tanya Todorova, greeted them with “Welcome!”, who promised them magical moments and colorful memories of the ancient Abritus. The day started with morning gymnastics. And in the halls of the Interactive Museum, the children got to know the ancient past of Razgrad, the way of life and culture of the people in the late antique Abritus, and learned interesting facts about the life of the Roman Empire. Things that helped the most attentive to quickly navigate the game with questions and pictures, the answers to which they had seen or heard before.

After a well-deserved rest, the children found themselves on the territory of the lapidarium, where under the shade of the trees on a hot July Monday, they had fun with games: tug of war and “Don’t drop the ball”, while they also had to answer a back-and-forth question.

Children are looked after by a team of museum specialists led by the main tour guide Slavyana Tsoneva. The team also includes her colleagues Polina Nedelcheva, Victoria Valcheva and Hristo Hristov. Archaeologists Silvia Atanasova and Zeyneb Fikret will join them in the coming days.

Each day of the Abritus week is themed. On Tuesday, the children will search for treasure and mint a coin for a keepsake: on Wednesday, they will be in a workshop for making combat clothing; on Thursday they will learn what pentathlon is; on Friday they will parade in antique clothes. And every day, before they part, they will have fun with the time machine as their peers did centuries ago…

In the second week of the “A Day at Abritus” program, children will experience the art of laying a Roman mosaic. They will work with clay, they will restore vessels discovered by themselves, they will make models of the ancient Abritus. They will also go to a Roman market.

In the third week are the beliefs and rituals of that time. Children will learn what “Saturnalia” is – a ritual preceding the now familiar Christmas; they will understand what a legion is and will be in a workshop making shields, swords, spears and helmets. And at the end they will work with real maps of ancient Rome.

“On the days with us, the children will be little detectives in time, they will be little architects and they will learn about the construction of the late antique city of Abritus. Trade in the Roman world must be present in the program, as a Roman market will be organized and familiarization with various classes. “we also immerse the children in the atmosphere and beliefs of that time in Abritus,” museum director Tanya Todorova says about the program.