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In 2021, the activity of the Regional Historical Museum in Razgrad was carried out in the conditions of COVID 19 in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures and instructions of the Ministry of Health.

But all the realized events and initiatives in 2021 in our country: Museum Day, “White Nights of Razgrad”, Chitalishte Festival “Living Heritage of Ludogorie”, Yogurt Fair and Festival of Folk Traditions and Arts and Crafts, etc., helped to achieving good results in increasing visitor interest in museum sites in the tourist season. In 2021 the total number of visits is 6686, of which 1412 with free admission and the received revenues amount to BGN 29,904, which is significantly more than in previous years. This was said to journalists today by the director of the museum Tanya Todorova.

She emphasizes more facts in the annual report on the work of the museum:

The majority of tourists are people of active age, followed by students and retirees / organized groups /, children and students. Traditionally, the most active in terms of visits is the summer season – in June there are 1520 visits, in July – 734, August – 908, September – 701. Foreign tourists with paid entrance in 2021 are 265 – from Italy, USA, England, Turkey, Germany, Russia, Greece, Spain, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and most of all Romania. The tendency to have the Interactive Museum and the ancient Abritus as the most visited sites of RIM-Razgrad is confirmed.

In addition to these and a number of exhibitions in 2021, the report also tells in detail about the research activities and cooperation of the museum with scientific institutes and universities in the country, the efforts and ways to improve the material and technical base of museum. Under a won project before the National Fund “Culture” RIM – Razgrad provided BGN 8,414 to compensate for electricity costs for the period from July to November.

The full report can be viewed HERE.

At the press conference Tanya Todorova also presented some of the planned initiatives for implementation in 2022.

The procedure for awarding the prize in the name of Ananie Yavashov will start, and the award will be presented on May 18 – International Museum Day.

The plans of the museum are also related to exhibitions during festivals and other events in the Annual Cultural Calendar of the Municipality of Razgrad, as well as individual exhibitions with movable cultural values from the museum’s collection. The activity for presenting various aspects of the historical past of Razgrad with street photo exhibitions will continue.

This year will be dedicated to the 135th anniversary of the museum work, will mark the 110th anniversary of the outbreak of the Balkan War – 1912, as well as the 105th anniversary of the death of Capt. Hristo Bardarov, who died in a fierce battle near the village of Pogradec / Mokra Planina / in 1917, during the First World War.

When asked about the future of the Dimitar Nenov House Museum, Tanya Todorova said that an architectural study would be made, a constructive opinion on the condition of the house would be prepared and then – together with the Municipality – financial estimates for urgent repairs would be made.

And more – if the state this year has a financial mechanism to finance archaeological excavations, the museum will apply, but according to Tanya Todorova more important on a national scale is the problem of preserving already discovered sites and their exposure, as they are constantly subject to whims of time.