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With a poem by Elin Pelin, the head of the “New and Latest History” department at the Regional History Museum, Prof. Rositsa Angelova PhD, opened today’s Honey Festival at the “Ananie Yavashov” House Museum, organized jointly with the Regional Branch Beekeeping Union “Ludogorska bee 2022”.

“There is something symbolic about being together and welcoming spring with the magical hum of bees,” said Prof. Angelova.

The bee honey festival is part of the new initiative of the Regional History Center to give a platform for the various associations in Razgrad to present their history and good practices to a wide range of people.

Deputy regional governor Nayden Kusov, representatives of the “Culture” department in Razgrad Municipality, eighth-graders from FLS “Exarch Yosif”, partners and friends of the beekeepers took part in the celebration. The new chairman of the Regional Branch Beekeeping Union “Ludogorska Pchela 2022” Ivaylo Gavazov, who succeeds Slaveyko Rashev, was presented to all of them.

Father Dmitriy Terzi performed a solemn blessing for the health of the beekeepers and the tireless workers in the beehives.

Everyone who accepted the invitation of the hosts had the opportunity to try and buy bee honey and various bee products, bee equipment and drink warm tea with honey.