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The Regional History Museum in Razgrad is organizing a unique fossil exhibition. The exhibits – fossilized remains of plants or animals that lived millions of years ago are owned by six amateur collectors from all over the country.

Nikola Karapetkov from Kardzhali will show a skull of a mosasaur and a skeleton of a keichosaurus, a crinoid /animal that looks like a water lily/ and teeth of a megalodon /prehistoric shark/.

Slavi Slavchev from Vidin participated in the exhibition with ammonites – an extinct subclass of cephalopod molluscs found on our lands.

Dimitris Fitakis from Sofia visits the Ethnographic Museum with sea urchins, also from Bulgaria.

Asen Hristov from Provadia will present nautiluses /marine cephalopods/, and Dimitar Dimitrov from Godech – a mammoth tooth, notosaurus bones /the oldest found in our country/, jaws of a predatory cat and a whale /discovered near Vidin/.

The main driver of the fossil exhibition – Plamena Petkova from Isperih, will participate with marine fauna – gastropods /sea snails/ as well as a bison lower jaw.

The exhibition will be opened at 5:30 p.m. on May 10 at the Ethnographic Museum.

It is expected to arouse serious interest among the residents of Razgrad, especially among students, who will be able to view it from May 10 to 26.