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Hundreds of children from second to sixth grade from various schools in Razgrad accepted the invitation and were guests at the sites of the Regional History Museum on International Museum Day. Among the visitors there were also adults – not only from the country, but also from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Due to the changeable weather, some of the planned outdoor games and entertainment were canceled, but they were fully replaced with other offers and surprises for them from their hosts in the Interactive Museum on the territory of ancient Abritus. For an hour, the girls and boys became tour guides, archaeologists, restorers and fund keepers, skilfully guided by the real museum specialists, who told them and showed them exactly what their profession was. The children looked for and found treasures, restored with their own hands discovered pieces of vessels from antiquity, put together puzzles with images of places from the Roman city of Abritus and, with the possibilities of the Interactive Museum, learned many new and useful things about the life, customs and entertainment of those who lived centuries ago people in these places.

On leaving, the children thanked their hosts for their hospitality and promised to arrange exhibitions in their school with the dishes they restored during their visit to the museum.

In the home of Stanka and Nikola Ikonomovi, the little visitors learned what it is like to be the curator of a house museum, they saw where the prominent Razgrad family lived and what they did for the city and the country. In the courtyard they examined and touched four swords and a scimitar.

In the Ethnographic Museum, the girls and boys were real participants in recreating St. George’s Day customs: from the “silent water”, through St. George’s bread and St. George’s cradle, the fun games and songs of the holiday, scaring the trees with an ax to give a lot of tasty fruit, then to the closed dance floor of the megdan.

In the “Ananie Yavashov” house museum, the children became researchers of the Yavash family and learned interesting things from the life of the famous Razgrad teacher, director of the local high school, public figure and botanist, jealous researcher of Ludogorie and founder of the museum work in Razgrad, academician Ananie Yavashov .

Museum specialists told the history of the Regional History Museum and its role in the search, study, preservation and presentation of the cultural-historical heritage of the Razgrad region in front of those involved in the initiative.

“For the third year in a row, we are celebrating the International Day of Museums with a special program for children and adults. Our idea is for them to get to know the cultural heritage and historical past of their homeland in an accessible way, to learn more about the main activities and functions of the museum, and the professions of the museum specialists,” said Tanya Todorova, the director of the museum.

You can see more photos on the Facebook page of RHM – Razgrad