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On the day of the 151st anniversary of the death of the Apostle, the book “Vasil Levski: To resurrect Bulgaria with complete freedom” by Prof. Vera Boneva was presented in the “Ananie Yavashov” house-museum.

The event, organized by the Regional History Museum, was part of the Razgrad Municipality’s program to mark the anniversary and was attended by Razgrad Deputy Mayor Zornitsa Evgenieva, municipal councilors, local historians from the Center for Regional History and citizens.

The meeting of the Razgrad public with the prominent historian began with a poetic and musical greeting to the hosts and guests of children from the PS “I.S. Turgenev”, led by the director of the school, Milena Oreshkova and the director of the Regional History Museum, Tanya Todorova, wished this to become in good tradition for future events organized by the museum.

Prof. Rositsa Angelova PhD – Head of the “New and Recent History” Department at RHM – Razgrad, introduced Prof. Vera Boneva as a researcher whom you can trust because of her proven ability to discover and prove a new fact from our story and tell it with her writing style. As in the specific case – the title of the book is a quote from the Deacon’s letter to Danail Popov, with which she once again throws down the gauntlet of the challenge among her fellow historians.

Prof. Vera Boneva shared that the idea for the book came during the covid-pandemic and is a summarized result of her many years of creative activity and her work as a teacher and she additionally studied various events and sources related to the life of the Apostle. “This is my story about Vasil Levski in two main lines: Levski as he was in that era – an actor of the revolutionary organization and the historical memory of him after his death”, said Prof. Boneva.

When asked about the year of birth of Vasil Levski, she was categorical that the year was 1840, proven by documents from the Ottoman archives, which have been opened to specialists in recent years and this has provided an opportunity to discover new facts and circumstances about what is happening in Bulgaria in the 19th century.

“Levski is a modern man with exceptional foresight of a great statesman. He has the potential to see what will happen in the coming years, in the coming decades. He asked himself whether it would not be dangerous if the power were concentrated in a small group of people who held the seal in their hands, what would be the personal freedom and equality of all in a free state. These are basic moments for modern statehood, and in this sense Levski is a modern person”, said the author of the book “Vasil Levski: To resurrect Bulgaria with complete freedom”.

Prof. Boneva is a historian, university lecturer, publicist, expert in Renaissance, museology and management of higher education. Her doctorate in history is from the Institute of History at the BAS. She teaches at Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin of Preslav”, VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” and the University of Library Science and Information Technologies in Sofia. She is the author of 19 books and over 200 articles and studies. Her scientific interests are directed in several directions: the evolution of Renaissance political nationalism, the ecclesiastical-national movement of the Bulgarians during the Renaissance era; the place and role of the media in the revival publicity system; outstanding personal presences in the space of revival communication. She is engaged in initiatives to preserve the cultural heritage of Bulgaria and Europe and in academic events that enrich our national history from the 19th and early 20th centuries with new scientific research and publications.

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