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Teachers, children and parents from the “Pinocchio” group in the “Ludogorche” Kindergarten celebrated the Day of the Christian Family in a non-standard way.

The educational entertainment, but with a thematic civic and social orientation and interactive games for children and parents, took place in an environment different from the everyday – in the Interactive Museum “Abritus” at the Regional History Museum in Razgrad.

At the beginning, the children, dressed in Roman clothes, greeted their parents and the director of the kindergarten, Svetla Chaveeva. And teachers Katerina Ganeva and Kalina Yordanova set each family tasks that they had to complete as a team, in the form of a competitive game. Each team /family/ was given a card with illustrated questions, the answers of which had to be found in the museum. The goal was for families to explore the museum together, to work as a team, to have fun together, and for parents to actively participate in the learning process. Families had 30 minutes to search for the answers, then together they played the presented by the teachers and museum’s tour guides roman games.

Each child left the museum with a handmade Roman coin, lots of pictures and smiles. Parents received a tree-print made by their children and a themed papyrus with an emotional message about the importance of the child-parent relationship. Everyone was a winner of the game, of course, because they spent a happy hour together with their families and friends.