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The Regional History Museum in Razgrad hosts a working meeting of representatives of the districts of the North Central region: Razgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Ruse and Silistra for joint initiatives for tourism development.

The seminar was organized by the Regional Governor of Razgrad Dr. Deyan Dimitrov, the discussions were also attended by directors of museums and experts from municipal administrations.

In the first multimedia panel, each of the areas presented its tourism potential, the most attractive tourist sites, events and interesting facts in the development of tourist destinations and the organization of festivals, types of tourism, tourist profile, and accommodation.

Veronika Gecheva from the regional administration in Ruse stressed that the strengths for the development of tourism in the region are the natural resources, the many sites of national and world heritage and the developed artistic community.

Visits to Veliko Tarnovo district are mostly by Bulgarian tourists who visit for a day or two or are passing by, with interest in cultural and historical heritage. The foreigners are from Romania, Great Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, said Ilian Iliev from the regional administration in the old capital city.

Silistra has prerequisites for increasing tourist interest from Romania due to its geographical proximity, said Dilyana Parashkevova of the regional administration in the Danube town.

And according to Mihaela Stoyanova from the regional administration in Gabrovo, the profile of the tourist there is individual or family traveling with interest in our material cultural and historical heritage or festivals in the geographical center of the country.

Razgrad District was presented by the Director of the Directorate in the District Administration Svetlin Simeonov. He pointed out that cultural, event and hunting tourism are developing most successfully in the region.

The second panel began with a tour of the Interactive Museum and the ancient Abritus. He was introduced to the guests by the chief archaeologist at the museum Georgi Dzanev.

The program included a discussion of ideas for integrated tourism products and concrete steps to implement the plan for joint activities in the field of tourism.

At the end, the representatives of the five regional administrations also discussed possible joint actions given the war in the neighborhood and the flow of refugees from Ukraine to Bulgaria.

The match ended with a visit to the training base of the football “Ludogorets” “Eagles’ Nest”.