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At an official ceremony in the conference hall of the Interactive Museum in the ancient “Abritus”, the winners of the competition for “We also gave something to the world”, organized by the Regional History Museum – Razgrad with the support and cooperation of the Municipality of Razgrad and “Biovet” AD – Razgrad branch.

The creative student competition for an essay, a poem, a drawing and a multimedia project on the topic “Notable persons from Razgrad”, related to the socio-political, cultural and economic life of the city, started on January 28 – Razgrad Day.

The competition is the first initiative for 2023 in the field of culture, dedicated to 145 years of the Liberation of Razgrad. And the idea is to provoke young people to creative thinking, respect and love for the historical past of the city and the region, for Bulgarian history and gives the participants a real opportunity through research to present their point of view on the significance of the event and the role of historical figures.

The guests were the deputy regional governor Nayden Kusov, Tsvetana Benonova – chief expert “Culture” in Razgrad Municipality, Temenuga Gazdova – executive director of “Biovet” – Razgrad, on whose initiative the competition was launched, teachers and parents of the children.

Nayden Kusov specially congratulated the organizers for the idea and implementation of the competition, and the participants, winners, their teachers and mentors – for the enthusiasm with which they participated in the competition and the demonstrated good knowledge of history and personalities from the native region.

Temenuga Gazdova assured the children that the Razgrad region is extremely rich in historical sights and personalities. And that there is nothing better than knowing the history of the birthplace. “We offered you this competition with the idea of provoking your desire and interest to go deeper and deeper into revealing the historical secrets and achievements of those who lived before us, as well as our contemporaries,” said Temenuga Gazdova and wished the children further success in the areas in which they work.

“Dear young friends, you are growing up in an ancient land where great civilizations have developed and flourished. You are proud to be from Razgrad! The history of Razgrad is a mosaic of different memories – from the ancestors memory, the family memory, the city memory, which already fits into the historical memory of our country Bulgaria.

By participating in the competition, you consciously set out to study our prominent personalities – those who brought the light and the new truth. You probably already know more about them. I wish you to continue this research activity”, Tsvetana Benonova addressed the students.

More than 80 children from primary, secondary and high schools from the municipality and the district participated in the competition in three age groups: from 1st to 4th grade, from 5th to 7th grade, from 8th to 12th grade and were evaluated by a jury in the respective category.

Before receiving their awards, the winners in the respective categories and age groups read their essays and poems, showed everyone their drawings arranged in an exhibition in the Interactive Museum and presented their multimedia projects.

After that, everyone received certificates and goodies for their participation in the contest and had the opportunity to explore and learn many new things about the people who lived in the ancient “Abritus” in the halls of the Interactive Museum.

In the “Essay” category, the jury was composed of: chairman: Tsvetana Benonova – chief expert in the department “Culture, religious and youth activities” in Razgrad Municipality and members: Rumyana Radenkova – teacher of history and civilizations in FLS “Ekzarh Yosiff” – Razgrad, member of the Center for Regional History at the House Museum Ananie Yavashov and Sadet Kurova – journalist, correspondent for BT.

In the “Poem” category – chairman: Dimitar Petrov – writer, director of the Regional Library “Prof. Boyan Penev” – Razgrad and members: Dr. Rositsa Angelova PhD – teacher at Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin of Preslav” and head of the “New and Recent History” department at the Regional History Museum – Razgrad and Georgi Todorov – journalist, expert ” Public relations” in RHM – Razgrad.

In the “Drawing” category – chairman: Teodor Daskalov – artist, deputy director of Theatrical Music Center – Razgrad, member of the Museum Council and members: Tanya Stoyanova – artist, long-time teacher and Mihail Marinov – designer at the museum.

In the category “Multimedia project – chairman: Zhivko Zhechev – choreographer, head of the IT and information technology department at PS “Nikola Ikonomov” – Razgrad and members: Milen Matev – IT specialist at “BIOVET” AD – Razgrad branch and eng. Anko Avramov – head engineer at Municipal Radio – Razgrad.

Here are the contest winners:

V-VII class :
Selin Kyoseva – V grade, PS ” I.S. Turgenev” – Razgrad

VIII-XII class
Rostislav Rusev – VIII grade, NPTS “Sandor Petyofi” – Razgrad

I-IV class
Vladislav Hristov – III “a” class, PS ” Otets Paisii” – Razgrad

V-VII class
Koray Akifov – VII grade, PS ” Elin Pelin”, Strazhets village

I-IV class
Melih Ali – 10 years old, PS ” Otets Paisiy” – Razgrad

V-VII class
Sinem Sabri – V grade, Club “Young Applicatior 2” at CSTSC – Razgrad

VIII-XII class
Teodora Stefanova – XI grade, Club ” Nature and Fantasy” at CSTSC – Razgrad

I-IV class
Victoria Diyanova – IV “a” class, PS ” I. S. Turgenev” – Razgrad

V-VII class
Joana Yordanova and Samir Ramadan – PS ” Nikola Ikonomov” – Razgrad

VIII-XII class
Dimitar Obidimski – XI “g” grade, HSE “Rober Shuman” – Razgrad