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The Regional History Museum in Razgrad has been closely related to the history of research in Sveshtari for a whole century. Because the founder of the museum, Academician A. Yavashov, is one of the scientists who confirmed the value of the monuments located in his area and contributed to the declaration of Demir Baba’s tekke as a Bulgarian antiquities.

The contribution of the specialists from the museum – archaeologists, restorers, etc. – is even greater. in the past decades, from the opening of the Priest’s Tomb in 1982 to the present day. The cooperation of our team with the museum has been extremely fruitful with our professional support during these years, in which we also revealed the rich and diverse archaeological heritage of the National Archaeological Reserve “Sboryanovo”.

Now the halls of the museum are the closest place to Sveshtari, where visitors can see some of the unique finds we discovered in the mounds of the Geth spiritual and political center “City of Wolves”.

And this film from a series about the heritage of the Thracians also tells about the antiquities discovered on the territory of the reserve.

Prof. Diana GERGOVA