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Today, a new page was opened in the annals of cooperation between the Regional History Museum and the Center for Student, Technical and Scientific Creativity in Razgrad.

The children from the first shift in the “Eco Summer 2024” initiative were again in the ancient Abritus. But this time with a noble purpose: they painted the seats for spectators on the “Teatron”stage. With great enthusiasm, assisted by museum workers, the girls and boys grabbed the brushes and rollers and refreshed the sun-bleached and rain-bleached boards.

The hosts presented them with a surprise for their efforts. They divided the group in two and while one mastered the intricacies of painting, the others got acquainted with the exhibition in the Interactive Museum. There, greeted by the main tour guide Victoria Valcheva, tour guide Slavena Stefanova and animator Nilyai Hayredinova, they embarked on the introductory quiz with questions and pictures “Play and learn with us”. Some of the correct answers were suggested to them by the museum specialists in the previously given talks, and others the children had to discover on their own among the exhibits and boards in the exposition. Who had listened and watched carefully can be seen by the speed of solving the tasks in the game.

It was interesting and fun for us, the children were categorical when leaving the museum. What they said was also shared by their professors at CUTNT. And the fact that combining the useful with the pleasant is important and possible also produced news – the children from the next two shifts of the 27th in a row “Eco Summer” initiative will be at Abritus for a day and will help their friends in the museum with something.

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