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Once again, the Regional History Museum in Razgrad organizes a workshop for the children of the city to make a traditional Bulgarian survaknitsa.

“The idea is that in the extracurricular educational form at the Ethnographic Museum and with the help of the moderator in the workshop – the artist Tanya Stoyanova, the children will learn more about the traditions of the Bulgarians in the ritual calendar – in this case the history of the New Year ritual and survakane”, said the deputy director of RHM-Razgrad and head of the “Ethnography” department Daniela Gancheva.

Girls and boys got to know the symbolism of the dogwood branch and the magical power it acquires on the night before St. Basil’s Day. They already know who survakars are and how survakane is done. And the youngest also acquired purely technical skills /how to thread a needle and string popcorn on it, for example/. And finally – to put into practice their creative ideas and abilities.

One more surprise awaited the children in today’s workshop – everyone took the survaknitsi they made to their homes, so that on January 1st they could survakat their relatives and friends for health and prosperity.