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With impeccable organization and hospitality, the museum workers welcomed the participants and guests in the museum houses, which “came to life” in the first of the two “White Nights of Razgrad” through the various types of art presented in them.

The festival of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, organized by the Municipality of Razgrad, starts on the night before Midsummer’s Day.

The meeting with the writer Neda Antonova took place in the house-museum “Stanka and Nikola Ikonomov”. The symbolic host was the Regional Library “Prof. Boyan Penev ”with the title of the event“ The Strong Women in the History and Spiritual Life of the Bulgarians ”. In front of her fans from Razgrad, Neda Antonova told about three Bulgarian women from the historical past, whose behavior most vividly represents the spiritual strength of Bulgarian women over the centuries – Tamara Maria Shishman, Veneta Boteva and Lyudmila Zhivkova, who according to Neda Antonova opened Bulgaria to the world. Neda Antonova admitted that she knew little about Stanka Nikolitsa Spaso-Elenina, but after learning more about her fate from her great-granddaughter Temenuga Ivanova, she was adamant that the Razgrad woman with progressive views was also among the proofs of the Bulgarian woman’s spiritual strength.

In the house museum “Acad. Ananie Yavashov ”, with a symbolic host Chitalishte“ Razvitie ”, with multimedia were presented the cultural accents from the life of the old Razgrad and the role of the academician in it. Among the new curious facts that most viewers learned was that the first prison theater in the country was established in Razgrad, which in the period 1926-1929 even toured in other areas. The talents of the Youth Formation for Impulse Theater. For the first time on the non-standard stage in the house-museum was presented the latest performance of “Impulse” – “The Dragons” on the radio play by Yordan Radichkov. Jana and Martin made their debut in front of an audience, which cheered up the audience with an excerpt from “Does it make sense to beat a bear”.

The host of the first White Night of the festival at the Ethnographic Museum was the Kapan ensemble. The guests experienced exciting moments related to the ritual of Midsummer’s Day. The artists from the Kapan ensemble, the amateurs from the community center “Napredak” – the team for spring folklore and children’s dance studio “Kapanche” presented traditional songs and dances for Midsummer’s Day and recreated the Midsummer tradition for unraveling the future of the girls.

Traditionally, each guest of the museum passed under the Enyovo wreath, took a sip of wormwood for health and took home a bunch of herbs and an amulet with a name. And from the ritual bonfire – and charcoal for health.

The night ended in the house-museum “Dimitar Nenov”, where the symbolic host Theater and Music Center presented itself with a quartet from the Razgrad Philharmonic “Prof. Dimitar Nenov ”and the performers from the troupe“ Nazam Hikmet ”. The topic was “Turkish folklore in the cultural and spiritual heritage of Razgrad.” Motives from Bulgarian and Turkish folklore were intertwined in a music and dance performance, and between the performances the singers and dancers recalled historical facts and legends related to Razgrad.

The second White Night of the festival is dedicated to the ancient heritage of Razgrad and hosts the “Abritus” Archaeological Reserve. For the first time on the first floor of the Interactive Museum will be exhibited a skeleton dating back seven thousand years. It was discovered in 2016 in the village of Kamenovo during excavations carried out for several years in this area by archaeologists from NAIM at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the museums in Razgrad and Ruse.

On the second floor of the Interactive Museum of Abritus, visitors will be able to see valuables from another distant era – the Pine Treasure from the IV century BC. The exposition of the Regional Historical Museum in Ruse is visiting only on this day in Razgrad.

The new moment in the festival “White Nights of Razgrad” is the awarding of Banko P. Bankov from Sofia – winner of the first National Literary Competition for Drama “Anton Strashimirov”. The ceremony will take place in Villa Urbana on Abritus from 9:30 pm, followed by the dance performance of the Ensemble “Chinari” – “Mystical Rhythm”.