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Specialists from the Regional History Museum in Razgrad were in Getsovo today to present the management of the local community center “Prosveta 1883” with a certificate of donation. On the occasion of the International Day of the Volunteer, they thanked the community center’s board of trustees, represented by the chairman of the community center, Milen Stanchev, for the valuable movable cultural assets, which, because of their noble gesture, are already in the museum’s fund.

While there was a school in Getsovo, there was also a rich museum collection. After the closing of the school, the gathering was sheltered in the community center. And already 12 archaeological objects: 10 from the Stone-Copper Age, a vessel from the Roman Age and an ax from the Bronze Age are stored in RHM-Razgrad. The donation also included a rifle from the 19th century.

“Thank you for the gesture and the trust that the artifacts will be preserved for the generations after us” said Daniela Gancheva, the deputy director of the museum, during the ceremony. After that she presented to the temple of spirituality in the village the three volumes “Izvestia” of RHM-Razgrad.