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More than 100 tourists, most half of them children, joined today’s march from Razgrad to Poroishte.

The traditional walking tour was organized by TD “Buina Gora” and is one of the initiatives in the calendar of Razgrad Municipality on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of the Apostle of Freedom.

In front of the Committee House, the tourists were welcomed by the village mayor, Panayot Uzunov, and the tour guide at the Regional History Museum in Razgrad, Victoria Valcheva.

“February is the month in which we lost the inspiring, active and patriotic personality of the Apostle of Freedom, Vasil Levski, who left a bright mark in our history. In this month we remember all those Bulgarians who sacrificed themselves in the name of the Fatherland. And if G. S. Rakovski was the first who, at the end of his life, understood that the organized squads would not help for the much-desired Liberation, but that the Bulgarians within the borders of the Ottoman Empire had to win their freedom with their own forces, then Levski was the ideologue and organizer of the revolutionary movement inside the Bulgarian lands, whose main goal is to raise the people to a general uprising through the created committees. Much can be said about the Apostle, but one thing is certain – he was inspiring! He was a role model for many young Bulgarians who love the Motherland”, Viktoria Valcheva said in her speech.

The mayor of the village, Panayot Uzunov, greeted the tourists with “Welcome!” and briefly told the history of the village and one of its attractions – the buried Orthodox church “St. Athanasius”.

The crowd honored the work of the Apostle and those who gave their lives for Freedom with a minute of silence, kneeling and offering a wreath.

After that, the tourists viewed the exposition in the Committee House, part of which are documents related to the activities of Vasil Levski and his associates in Razgradsko and the church “St. Athanasius”. And on the way out, the women from Poroishte treated them with homemade delicacies and hot tea. And with an invitation to visit the village again.

See more photos on the Facebook page of the Regional History Museum – Razgrad.