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Trade attachés of countries from the European Union and Canada were delighted by the “Abritus” Archaeological Reserve near Razgrad and the Priest’s Tomb near Isperih.

In Razgrad, their visit was organized with the exceptional assistance and professionalism of the specialists from the Regional History Museum.

The guests were in Ludogorie at the invitation of the regional governor Deyan Dimitrov. The visit is part of the initiative taken by him to develop and implement a general plan for the development of tourism in the five regions united in the North Central region. The visit was organized with the assistance of the Embassy of Bulgaria in Bucharest and the head of the Office for Trade and Economic Affairs there, Ivaylo Marinov. The delegation also included journalists from leading Romanian media, prominent bloggers and influencers from our northern neighbor.

“Welcome to ancient Abritus. I use the opportunity with my colleagues to present to you in the exhibition hall and in the Interactive Museum part of our rich material cultural and historical heritage. And you to tell your partners, viewers and readers in Romania, about what you saw. And to urge them, when they are in Bulgaria, to include Razgrad in their itinerary, said the director of the museum Tanya Todorova in her welcome.

It is expected that in the coming days the visiting journalists in Razgrad will publish a series of materials about their visit to Ludogorie in their media in Romania.