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Citizens, institutions and organizations participated in the traditional hike to the committee house in Poroishte in memory of the Apostle Vasil Levski.

Representatives of the Regional History Museum and the mayor’s office of Poroishte welcomed another traditional hike in memory of the anniversary of the death of Vasil Levski, walking on the road from Razgrad to the Committee House in Poroishte. The tourists were organized by the Tourist Association “Buina Gora”. The hike was secured and led by the veteran of the tourist movement in Ludogorie Marin Georgiev. The hikers who came to Poroishte were representatives of TD “Buyna Gora” together with students from “Vasil Levski”, “Nikola Ikonomov” and “I. S. Turgenev ”, students from PMG“ Acad. Nikola Obreshkov ”, PGPCHE“ Ekzarh Yosif ”, NPTG“ Sandor Petyofi ”, representatives of the movement“ Vazrazhdane ”, retirement club “Golden Autumn” and citizens of Razgrad. On the spot, the guests met with locals from the village of Poroishte.

The host of the event was the mayor of Poroishte arch. Petar Sergiev, official guests were the director of RIM – Razgrad – Tanya Todorova, Ivo Stoyanov – head of the historical department XV – XIX century and curator of the house-museum “Stanka and Nikola Ikonomovi”, Daniela Gancheva – Ch. curator, ethnographer of the Ethnographic House and Dimitar Petrov – public figure, poet and writer.

In front of the arriving hikers and citizens, gathered on the square of Poroishte and in front of the Committee House, after the greeting of the mayor Mr. Sergiev, the specialist Ivo Stoyanov shared the history of the committee in the house of priest Ivan Samokovski, the case of Vasil Levski and Angel Kanchev , and their connections with our region.

Tourists, veterans, students and adults laid wreaths and flowers on the memorial plaque of the Committee House and gathered in the great hall of the Community Center “Prosveta 1919”, which months ago celebrated its 100th anniversary, where they supported themselves with hot tea and snacks.