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The municipality of Razgrad, the Regional History Museum and the “Ludogorski Brothers” Motorcycle Club are organizing a joint initiative under the motto “Tradition of Speed” on Saturday, October 7.

“The event will build on what we started some time ago to give the different clubs and communities in the city a platform for expression, with the idea that our activity and their good practices will become available to a wide range of people,” explained the director of the museum, Tanya Todorova. Since the beginning of the year, such events have been organized with the Club of Francophones, the regional branch beekeeping union “Ludogorska pchela 2022” and the club of local historians “Kraeznanie”. The formal occasion for the celebration on Saturday is also the closing of the active summer season of the motorcycle club and the summer tourist season of the museum.

The start on Saturday will be noisy and colorful: at 1:00 p.m., the traditional tour of Razgrad by the members of the “Ludogorski Brothers” and their guests from all over North-Eastern Bulgaria will begin. It will start and end at the parking lot of the “Abritus” Archaeological Reserve, where an impromptu motorcycle exhibition will be organized at 2:00 p.m. Those who came to the holiday will be able to look at the machines, take pictures and even ride them. At 2:30 p.m., on the “Teatron” stage, the concert of talents from the singing classes in the three music schools in Razgrad begins: at the Center for Work with Children, at the “Ilia Burnev” Music School, at the “Razvitie” community center, and at the private art school Enjoy Music & Art School. At 3:30 p.m., the rock band from Shumen city “Lampa Inc” will perform on the same stage.

On the green areas in the immediate vicinity of the motorcycle exhibition, there will be a trampoline, on which those who wish will be able to jump for pleasure, the money collected from the attraction will be transferred to the account of 17-year-old Marty, who is fighting a severe rare oncological disease.

The interactive museum and the permanent archaeological exhibition will be open completely free of charge to the participants and guests of the celebration, as well as visitors to the museum from near and far.

“It is an honor for us and we take part with great pleasure in an initiative with an unquestionable added value to the development of society, which especially now needs it and guided by the conviction that the promotion of the history of the native land can and should be done by all possible ways”, announced the publicist of the Ludogorski brothers motorcycle club Yordan Atanasov.

According to him, the event is suitable for all age groups and motorcycle enthusiasts. And it offers an opportunity for fans of this type of experience to touch the values stored in the Regional History Museum.

“We are for every good cause and stand behind it without riding on populism and other selfish goals,” said Atanasov.

In the motorcycle club created in 1998 with the name “Abritus”, and since 2002 – “Ludogorski brothers”, members are different in gender, occupation and social status, but all men and women are in love with the wind, aged 33 to 60.

On the Day of the Bulgarian Municipality – October 12, at 12:15 in the Ethnographic Museum, an exhibition dedicated to Georgi Popov – the first mayor of Razgrad after the Liberation, will be opened.

And on November 1 – Day of the Wakers, an exhibition of old printed books from the fund of the department “History of Bulgaria 15-19th century” in RHM-Razgrad, will be opened in the house museum “Stanka and Nikola Ikonomovi”.