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“In the exhibition dedicated to the first builder of Razgrad, the first mayor of the city after the Liberation – Georgi Popov, we present materials from the fund of the Regional History Museum, which also reveal the spirit of the time in which he lived and worked. Georgi Popov marks the beginning of Razgrad’s modernity. Following his professional and personal biography, we will see that he fits into all the activities of the Renaissance and Post-Liberation period”, Prof. Rositsa Angelova PhD – Head of the “New and Latest History” Department at the RHM – Razgrad and author of the exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum.

In addition to the authentic documents, the showcases display letters and preserved authentic photos of the mayor of Razgrad.

Georgi Popov was also among the initiators of the construction of the “St. Nicholas” church, in the third quarter of the 19th century he participated in the social and political life of Ruse, he was the chairman of the City Council in Razgrad, a deputy in the Constituent Assembly. In the last quarter of the 19th century, Georgi Popov also worked in various institutions in Razgrad.

The exhibition contains documents related to Georgi Popov’s business affairs and books, part of his personal library. Also exhibited are materials related to his activities as a deputy – his ticket for participation in the Second Great National Assembly, as well as the document with which he was authorized by the citizens of Razgrad to take part in the Constituent Assembly of the Principality of Bulgaria.

“Georgi Popov had the consciousness and thought that he would leave a mark behind him, that the generations after him would be interested in what he sowed and grew at the social and political levels of Razgrad and Bulgaria. Proof of this is the fact that at an already venerable age, this man collected all possible documents for himself, and documents created by himself, and bequeathed them to us. For example, his baptismal certificate was issued only in 1905, on the condition that he was born in 1833. There are more such curious things in this direction. All the documents today are part of the wealth of the Regional History Museum”, said Prof. Angelova.

The highlight of the exhibition is the capsule built by residents of Razgrad into the foundations of the building during the first sod of the first house of the municipal administration after Liberation – the date is June 23, 1890. In the capsule, along with the Act, in which the persons who decided on the construction of the House are described, are also placed coins that were in circulation at the time.

“Georgi Popov and his contemporaries did this with the clear awareness that the Municipality, the mayor and the municipal councilors are the ones who are building a home not only for themselves, but also for everyone who lives on the territory of this municipality. And then the times were stormy, they are still stormy today – as proof that the Municipality has its exceptional functions, its place in all times”, said Prof. Rositsa Angelova and wished the future mayor and municipal councilors in Razgrad to think about the city and the municipality just as the original builders of the capital of Ludogorie and its constituent settlements did for it”.

The arrangement of the exhibition is the work of the designer in RHM – Razgrad Mihail Marinov and can be viewed until the end of October.

Minutes before the opening of the themed exhibition “The First Builder of Razgrad”, the director of the Regional History Museum Tanya Todorova and Prof. Rositsa Angelova took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths and flowers in front of the memorial plaque of the birthplace of Georgi Popov, where Prof. Angelova gave a speech about life and the case of the first Razgrad mayor before the management of Razgrad Municipality, other official guests and citizens.