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The director of the Regional History Museum in Razgrad, Tanya Todorova, led the module “Living Museum of Traps” – part of the program of the three-day regional forum for the exchange of good practices between schools “Me, you and others and the unknown in the known – innovations for positive change in education”.

In front of teachers and students from schools from the regions of Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Gabrovo, Razgrad, Ruse and Silistra in the gymnasium of the PS “N.Y. Vaptsarov”, she thanked the team of the school – the host of the forum for choosing to focus on the open lessons to the preservation of local traditions, material and immaterial cultural-historical heritage and their transmission to children.

Tanya Todorova told the legends about the origin of the name of one of the oldest and colorful ethnographic groups in our country – the Trappers. And with the help of her colleagues – tour guide Polina Nedelcheva, museum pedagogue Hristo Hristov and museum designer Mihail Marinov, the talents from the CDS “Hortse” at the Center for Work with Children, self-made people from the community center in the village of Topchii, students and teachers from “N.Y .Vaptsarov” recreated the traditions and customs of the ritual and festive annual calendar of the trappers.

The participants of the event learned details about the unique Yogurt Fair in the world and the Festival of Folk Traditions and Artistic Crafts, which has been held annually before July in Razgrad for more than 20 years. Everyone had the opportunity to see with their own eyes how the famous Capan yogurt does not fall out of the container, even when it is turned upside down. And to try delicacies from the trap kitchen.

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