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In the cozy courtyard of the “Ananie Yavashov” house museum, the latest book was presented of Prof. D.Sc. Lyudmil Spasov – “Georgi Kyoseivanov. The banished prime minister.”

Prof. Rositsa Angelova PhD – head of the “New and Latest History” Department at the Regional History Museum – Razgrad professionally and thoroughly presented the author and the monograph to the connoisseurs of this type of research.

“For the period between the two world wars of the last century, Prof. D.Sc. Lyudmil Spasov is a Bulgarian scientist who is seriously involved in the studies dedicated to Bulgarian foreign policy and diplomatic relations. But one of his most serious studies is dedicated to an extremely important person of that time – Georgi Kyoseivanov. He was at the head of several governments in the period 1934-1940. He was discovered for great politics by King Boris III. Until now, only a few sentences were used to talk about Georgi Kyoseivanov. Prof. Lyudmil Spasov’s research reveals the true scale of this great Bulgarian and world politician”, said Prof. Angelova.

In turn, Prof. Lyudmil Spasov, in an exciting and unique way, told about the search and writing of his research, revealed previously unknown facts from the biography and what Georgi Kyoseivanov did for Bulgaria and Europe.

He allocated a special place and thanked for the “partnership” of the Regional History Museum in Razgrad in collecting materials for the book. On page 165 in the monograph, the implementation of one of the grand undertakings of the statesman Georgi Kyoseivanov – the construction of the water supply network in the country and in particular – the water supply of Deliormana, is illustrated with a photo from the museum’s collection, which captures the moment of the laying of a canal on “Osvobozhdenie” square /today “Vazrazhdane”/ in Razgrad. In the middle with the straw hat is the mayor Kanyu Simeonov, and the one leaning on the pillar with a cap is engineer G. Sapunov, director of the Water Supply Directorate of Deliormana.

Prof. Lyudmil Spasov also answered questions about the relations between Georgi Kyoseivanov and the citizens of Razgrad, Petar Gabrovski – Minister of Railways, Posts and Telegraphs in the fourth government of Kyoseivanov and Ivan Bagryanov – Minister of Agriculture and State Properties in the third and fourth governments of the later expelled prime minister.

The Regional History Museum already has the book “Georgi Kyoseivanov. The Banished Prime Minister.”, gift from the author with an autograph.

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