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On Friday in the Teacher’s Foundry of the Ethnographic Museum the students of Mrs. S. Marinova from IV A class from Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev Primary School presented their interactive lesson in patriotism entitled “This is where Bulgaria begins” to the museum curators, former teachers from the school and parents. It was dedicated on March 3 – the National Holiday of Bulgaria. At the beginning of the lesson the students demonstrated enviable knowledge about the Thracians, Slavs and ancient Bulgarians. Then they continued the lesson with a presentation with Mouse Mischief – a computer with many mice. They competed to be the first to answer questions related to historical dates, personalities and events in Bulgarian history.

The lesson continued with a recital of verses for Bulgaria studied during the BEL lessons. Mrs. Marinova’s curious alumni dramatized the legend of Khan Kubrat and his sons. They told the guests what they know about the custom of decorating with martenitsas on March 1. Mrs. Daniela Gancheva enriched the children’s knowledge of Baba Marta and gave everyone a martenitsa with a wish for health and many successes. For their part, the people of Turgenev surprised the hosts with a March panel, made by the skillful hands of the alumni of Mrs. L. Petrova in the classes for activities of interest.

The lesson ended with the words: “Bulgaria – this is us!”, With songs about Bulgaria and a well-deserved sweet treat.

And … with promises of a new interactive lesson dedicated to spring holidays and customs.