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Over three hundred children participated in the creative workshop for making martenitsi, organized by the Regional History Museum in the Ethnographic House in Razgrad.

Museum specialists Polina Nedelcheva, Hristo Hristov and Slavena Stefanova welcomed them and helped them weave the white and red threads for health and luck, happiness and longevity.

“The idea for this workshop came from the children themselves at the time of our winter workshops, where we made Christmas cards and survakniki. They liked it and wanted us to organize similar activities for them again. We did it with pleasure and we are very happy that there are so many willing people from all Razgrad primary schools, as well as from Samuil and Khrsovo”, says Polina Nedelcheva.

While making the martenitsa, the children also learned the legend from the time of Khan Kubrat and Khan Asparuh, in which it is said that the thread of the martenitsa connected us as Bulgarians and that it should never be broken, that white color symbolizes longevity and red – health and strength.

The children took the made martenichki with them to hang them upon the arrival of Baba Marta or to give them as a gift to a loved one. And with what they learned in the workshops, to bring the tradition home and make more martenichki with mom and dad, grandma and grandpa.

Along with the making of the martenitsi, the children had the opportunity to look at the exhibition “Paftite – a universe of signs” – collection of RHM – Ruse and to learn interesting things about one of the most beautiful elements in the national costume of the Bulgarian woman – a symbol of femininity. And on their way out – to see the permanent exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum, dedicated to the lifestyle, traditions and customs of the ethnographic group of Kapantsi.

From now on, children are invited to participate in the upcoming workshops: before Easter – to paint eggs with natural materials, and on Saint John’s Eve – to prepare medicinal curds from herbs and learn about the traditions and customs associated with these holidays. The invitations will also be recalled on the Facebook page of Regional History Museum – Razgrad.

See more photos on the Facebook page of the Regional History Museum: