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On the last day of the visiting exhibition “Argonauts of Freedom – Garibaldi and the Bulgarians” visitors to the exhibition were students from the school “Vasil Levski” – Club “Young Revivalists” led by Nedyalka Nedelcheva. The children with curiosity and undisguised interest listened to the talk of the specialists from the museum about Giuseppe Garibaldi, about the Bulgarian Garibaldi, about the common in the views of Vasil Levski and Garibaldi.

The school also received a gift – a reproduction of the portraits of Levski and Garibaldi of the young Italian artist Alessandro Chiarappa with a certificate from the Italian Consulate in Varna. And the children, in turn, made a kind of gift and greeted the organizers of the exhibition, enriching their visit with the color of their performances. An exciting event took place, at the end of which they themselves exclaimed and thanked for learning many new things.