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Second-graders donated their “Little Book about Razgrad” to the museum

On their last school day of the year, the second-graders of Mrs. Siika Marinova from “Iv. S. Turgenev” donated their “Little Book about Razgrad” to the Regional Historical Museum in Razgrad.

In the optional class dedicated to the cyber world, the children’s class teacher focused on working with digital devices. Students learned to work with the word processing program Word – to enter text, to format text. They learned to search for information and images on the Internet, to work with Paint.

In the classes the world around us they studied about their hometown, did a lot of research for the past and the historical landmarks of Razgrad.

“It was a good occasion to present what we learned in a booklet in electronic form. The children made it together on the platform. In the interest classes, they made the same book on paper. The children gave a copy of this “circulation” to Tanya Todorova – director of RIM – Razgrad, says Siika Marinova.

“Extreme surprise, a very kind and memorable gesture by these sunny girls and boys, for which we thank from the bottom of our hearts.

We have a unique book that tells about the history and sights of Razgrad through the senses of children. I am convinced that the unusual way in which they approached the past and present of our city will make them always remember it “, commented the new addition to the museum’s fund Tanya Todorova.

You can view the e-book Small book about Razgrad.