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In the presence of many guests, on the Day of the Bulgarian Constitution, the exhibition “Razgrad Legislators /1879-1991/” was opened in the “Ananie Yavashov” house museum.

“Razgrad needed this exhibition. This year we celebrate 145 years of parliamentary life in Bulgaria, and I think that the people of Razgrad should have seen and remembered their fellow citizens who participated in the work of the Great National Assemblies. They are the people who drafted and adopted the constitutions of Bulgaria during its development from 1879 to 1991.

We have tried not only to find the participants in the legislative power, but also to present their biographies – professional and life, photos and documents on which they worked as law makers, as well as their images, guided by the conviction that the memory of them should be alive, because the basis of every free and democratic state is the law”, said Prof. Rositsa Angelova – head of the “New and Latest History” department.

Special guests at the opening of the exhibition organized by the Regional History Museum were the deputy mayors of Razgrad Elka Nedelcheva, Zornitsa Evgenieva and Habibe Rasim, the regional governor Vladimir Dimitrov, the chairman of the District Court Lazar Michev and the deputy from Razgrad in the Seventh Grand National Assembly Stoyan Dimitrov, had the honor of participating in the drafting and signing of the currently effective Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria.

“Congratulations and thanks to the museum specialists for the idea and realization of this exhibition. There is no dispute – without laws there is no order, and the basic law of every country is the Constitution.

Immediately after the Liberation, our notables adopted a democratic constitution, which operated for most of the existence of the Third Bulgarian State, and introduced the Grand National Assembly, an assembly with double representation, convened on special occasions. And this exhibition gives us the opportunity to remember the people before us, to realize once again that everything did not start with us and it will not end with us”, said the chairman of the Razgrad District Court, Lazar Michev, in his welcome.

“It seems like yesterday and the day before yesterday were the times when our country started on the path of consolidating democracy, turning it into a modern, but also legal state.

As a direct participant in the process of drafting and adopting the Constitution, I can say that at that time the public mood, people’s expectations were that this Constitution would open the way for rapid and dynamic development of the country.

Today, we must appreciate the work, enthusiasm, and good faith of all those people’s representatives who had the consciousness and responsibility to prepare a fundamental document for the development of the state. And I think they did a good job of that. Time has shown that our Constitution is good, that it guarantees the basic rights and freedoms of people, guarantees a sound and stable system of state power”, said lawyer Stoyan Dimitrov.

According to him, proof of this is also the recent attempts to amend and amend the basic law, which are focused on the fact that whoever takes political power and governs should have as much power as possible over other authorities as well. Which is contrary to the principle since the time of the great French educators that a democratic society is one in which power restrains power.

“Congratulations from me for the exhibition: the more Bulgarians know their constitution, their rights, but also their obligations, the more successfully they will want the state to perform its functions. I wish that as many children and students as possible pass through here to see and learn that a good and just society exists only when the law is above all else”, said Stoyan Dimitrov categorically.

“The Regional History Museum continues to surprise us with very interesting exhibitions. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to remember the Razgrad legislators and the first Constitution, which lays the foundations of the rule of law, but also of local self-government”, stressed Deputy Mayor Elka Nedelcheva in her welcome.

The director of RHM – Razgrad Tanya Todorova presented symbolic gifts to the lawyers present at the official opening of the exhibition, on the occasion of their professional holiday: Stoyan Dimitrov, Lazar Michev, Zornitsa Evgenieva and Habibe Rasim.

The authors of the exhibition are Prof. Rositsa Angelova, the museum designer Mihail Marinov and the curator Neno Yakimov. The exhibition will remain in the house-museum “Ananie Yavashov” until June 14, after which it will be exhibited in the lobby of the seventh floor of the Regional Administration.

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