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A 15-member Public Council, which will support the work of the Regional History Museum in Razgrad, was established today. The chairman is Tanya Todorova – director of the museum. There are two more museum specialists and representatives of the Municipality, schools, cultural institutions from the city, journalists, municipal councilors.

The first decision of the Council was within a week the management of the cultural institution to prepare a list of problems of museum work that do not depend on local government: funding for maintenance related to the expanding activities of the Regional Museum of Municipalities in Ludogorie, maintenance of Archaeological Reserve ” Abritus ”, excavations and conservation of movable and immovable cultural monuments, etc. The list will be sent to the Ministry of Culture.

At the beginning of March, the Regional History Museum will start the procedure for nominations for the next winner of the award of the Municipality of Razgrad in the name of Acad. Ananie Yavashov. The invitation will be published in the media, as well as on the website of the Municipality and the museum. It will be sent to all cultural institutions in Razgrad. The motivated written proposals will be accepted from March 15 to 31 in the office of RIM-Razgrad or by e-mail:

After that, the Public Council will submit the eligible nominations for discussion and decision of the Municipal Council. The award is presented once every four years on May 18 – International Museum Day, for “high results in research, preservation, preservation and promotion of the historical heritage of Razgrad and the region.”

The award named after Acad. Ananie Yavashov was established in 1982 and so far its winners are: Yordan Dobrev / 1984 /; Ara Margos / 1987 /; Totio Ivanov / 1993 /; Prof. Teofil Ivanov / 1997 /; Gancho Yordanov / 2001 /; Stoyan Stoyanov / 2005 /; Prof. Lubomir Mikov / 2009 /; Angel Pavlov / 2012 / and Prof. Diana Gergova / 2016 /.

This year will be marked by the 135th anniversary of the museum work in Razgrad. In 1887 the first archeological excavations in the Hisarlaka area were conducted by Acad. Ananie Yavashov, and the discovered artifacts were separated into school collections. 2022 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Archaeological Society in Razgrad, whose successor is the Razgrad Museum. For the organization and holding of events on the occasion of these anniversaries, an Initiative Committee will be formed next month, which will involve representatives of schools, community centers, cultural institutions, researchers and specialists in various professional fields.

In November, RIM-Razgrad will organize a national scientific archeological conference on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Archaeological Society and an exhibition for the 135th anniversary of the excavations in Hisarlaka.