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“The development of a woman in the 20th century in various spheres of life – from housewife and mother to her transition to other roles in society – is a long process, and she has earned respect and recognition for herself. This motivated us to arrange the inspiring exhibition about the everyday life of Bulgarian women in the 20th century and its development until today. The worker, the machinist, the social worker, the “strong woman” from the time of the so-called socialism, in our modern society already has its equal place”, said the organizer Prof. Rositsa Angelova PhD, head of the “New and Latest History” department at the Regional History Museum, at the opening in the “Ananie Yavashov” house museum.

Deputy Mayor Polina Ivanova was a guest, who presented the director of the museum Tanya Todorova with a bouquet and a congratulatory address on behalf of the mayor of Razgrad Dencho Boyadzhiev.

The new roles of the woman were presented by four ladies with their experience, vocation and business.

All four – very different and colorful – decided that their daily life would be in Razgrad and they succeeded. And they told everyone in the cozy atmosphere of the exhibition about their life and professional path – not easy, but with a lot of positivity, brought to visible results and recognition.

Tanya Atanasova – the woman who creates paintings with flowers and beauty with arrangements for all kinds of family and business holidays and celebrations. She is convinced that good taste educates, and she aspires to be better and better at what she does, from pretentious and demanding customers.

Miroslava Katsarova is a well-known public figure, local historian, juror, former director of the High School Dormitory and the Lib. “Prof. Boyan Penev”, author of 15 local history books and hundreds of articles in the regional and national press.

Radina D’Amore is the owner of the art studio of the same name. An incorrigible optimist. The pseudonym “D’Amore” was born in Italy, where she graduated in fashion design and clothing construction. She is a member of the world collection “Leaders in contemporary illustration”. “I create emotion and beauty in everyday life, holidays, business. I believe that every woman carries within her a special magic, intertwined with the secrets, traditions, talents and abilities of generations back. I believe and I come true!”, that’s how Radina Vasileva introduced herself.

Rositsa Ivanova, whom Prof. Angelova called “The Woman of the Universe”, is a psychotherapist, a recognized master of delicious and healthy baked goods and aromas. Seduced by the exquisite language. Three realizations helped her in her life and work: to grow her seeds well; to capture the nuances of life and transform them in her delightfully chaotic way and bring them back into the flow of life – through poetry, through aromatherapy, aroma-culinary and through psychological counseling. Her third realization is that being a woman is a blessing, and gentle feminine power moves the world.

“I am sincerely satisfied that the finale of the International Day of Museums for us is this truly inspiring exhibition about the Bulgarian woman and her incredible ability with her strength and positivity to be more and more successful in today’s dynamic world. And that we, the museum specialists, with the initiatives on the day of our holiday, once again showed and told about our difficult mission in the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of Ludogorie”, said the director of the Regional History Museum Tanya Todorova in her welcome.

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