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The exhibition, dedicated to the work of Aannie Yavashov, has been displayed since the 23th June 2020. The exhibition gives the visitors the opportunity to grasp the various aspects of his line of work – a teacher, a scientist, a botanist, a public figure, an archaeologist, a chronicler of Razgrad, the founder of the History Museum, the Chairman of the Archaeological Societies in Varna and Razgrad and more. The highlight of the exhibition is his colossal work in the book of “Razgrad, its archaeological and historical past.” Two films are being offered to the museum’s public, the biographical “The academician with the presence of a wise man” and “Memory of the old town”. They both enrich the concept of Ananie Yavashov’s far-ranging and encyclopaedic personality, as well as the era, whose contemporary he is.

Where to visitRazgrad, 20 "Venelin" Str.Share